Sisterlocks Consultation


Prior to your  Sisterlocks®️ Consultation 

These instructions are very important leading up to your upcoming session. The Consultation consist of discussing hair care history, followed by viewing the Sisterlocks™ video, Q & A, inserting test locks and price quote valid for 90 days. *washing hair is necessary before your consultation. 

The purpose of this is to examine the hair and scalp for potentially being a candidate for Sisterlocks.  Please note that, if you have hair thinning, hair loss, and scalp conditions this could potentially be reasons for the consultant to reject request. This also helps your consultant with selecting the right locking pattern for your hair type before the Sisterlocks  establishment.  


1.) Come to your appointment with hair clean, and free of all extensions. Do not COLOR HAIR the day before appointment.

2.) Do not blow dry, straighten, braid, or add heat to your hair in any way. 

3.) Do not apply any hair creams, conditioners, oils or moisturizers before appointment.

*You will receive a courtesy email and text message reminder days prior to your appointment. Please confirm and communicate if you can not keep your appointment. 

*After consultation, if you decide to purchase the Sisterlocks package a 50% deposit is required to hold dates and balance must be paid in full 7 days before scheduled appointment.


We accept cash, credit, Paypal at, cash app $khe82 and venmo @KHEnglish 

Consultation Fee $150 non-refundable

Frequently Asked Questions


F A Q's

Q: I really want Sisterlocks but, How much are they and what’s the process? 

A: We recommend scheduling a Sisterlock consultation appointment and visit the website at for details. We don’t give quotes over the phone.

Q: Does my hair have to be clean before re-tightenings?

A: Yes. Hair must be washed in between appointments.

Q: Are Sisterlocks permanent? 

A: Sisterlocks are a natural hair alternative created with your own hair, that can be worn and well kept until you decide to end your journey. 

Q:  Can you style Sisterlocks?

A: Yes, they can be styled as desired and versatile for your lifestyle. 

Q: Can I cut and color my Sisterlocks? 

A: Yes, once your SL mature. Everyone’s journey is different and no SL are the same. We recommend that you consult with your Sisterlocks consultant before making any changes on your own.

Q: Are you currently taking new clients? 

A: Yes. However, all new clients must book a consultation before receiving any re-tightening services. 

Q: My hair is partially permed, would I have to cut my hair to get Sisterlocks? 

A: No. However, sisterlocks can be started on permed hair.  We recommend that you have 3 to 4 inches new growth before starting.  Over time the permed hair will need to be trimmed in order for Sisterlocks to be well kept. 

Q: How soon can I wash my hair after getting Sisterlocks?

A: Hair must be braided & banded then, washed with the SL starter shampoo before your follow up appointment. Please see instructions from your customer kit. 

Q: Do you take same day appointments or walk-ins? 

A: No. Appointments only. A deposit is required upon appointment request to hold your slot. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards. No checks/e-checks

Q: Can extensions be added to Sisterlocks, I have short hair and don’t want to start my journey short?

A: No. We do not add extensions to Sisterlocks. If you’re considering extensions we recommend small interlocks. The Sisterlocks system is created by your own natural hair growing from the roots.