The Sisterlocks™ Package


First Visit | Consultation

During your consultation, you will receive a full hair assessment with sample locs and a quoted price. The  samples will need to be reviewed within 30 days (two shampoo cycles). If you wish to continue with the locking process, it's best to plan ahead and schedule your establishment appointment within 90 days from consultation date. Consultation fee of $150 non-refundable. 


Second Visit | SL Establishment

Day one of Sisterlocks process. Clients hair must be clean and free of ALL hair products, extensions, hair must be air dried without combing and no heat. Can take up to more than several hours and days (depending on client/ consultant agreement during booking). After this process is done, client will receive personal starter kit with instructions to follow. 


Follow up | First Retightening

Visit your Sisterlocks consultant within (2-shampoo cycles) to check the integrity of the locks, tighten them up and answer any questions, or concerns and schedule future appointments.  

Retightening service only (depending on consultant)can take up to 4 hours. Client hair must be clean and free of products. After session consultant will give a review on hair phases, concerns and directions for proper hair care in between appointments.